Have Cycling adventure in Loire

If you have cycled in France, or even if you haven’t, then you should come here to Loire valley and plan to spend a week cycling through the Loire valley. There are many places that you could stop at one the way. The vineyards here are a place that you must visit.  Treat yourself to a nice comfortable room in a warm medieval town.  You may want to appreciate the artful objects that are on display at the chateaux.

The restaurants here are amazing, so don’t hesitate to stop by. Select from a cuisine of delightful dishes ask the chef for the special of the day. Many of the restaurants here have open terraces which give you amazing view of nearby buildings are sceneries if there happens to be one.  Some of them even face the river valley and offers spectacular views of it.

Angers Chateau

This route leaves tours and also follows a turn around Bois.

Lets us see what we could do on the first day

Let us start the first day with Tours.  The trains here are bike friendly. It is easy to take your bicycle from Paris to Tours. Although, if you don’t really want to buy a bike then it is perfectly alright as you can also rent one from the many shops here. You could also go and visit the local cathedral is known for being very scenic.

On the second day

You should go cycling out to the west out of Tours and into Saint Gwnouph. There is this cross over that goes over the river Cher all the way to Savonieres. This goes all the way through the Chateau de Vilandry and all of its gardens. This stretch is about twenty kilo meters long.

The gardens here in Vilandry are beautiful and they date all the way back to the sixteen hundred. This was the time of the renaissance. These are known to be so beautiful as to steal away the pomp of the actual castle.

The garden is essentially spread across three levels. These spread to the south and west of the house as well. The hedges here are styled in a boxed fashion.

After you cycle about twelve kilo meters to the south, you reach the chateau le Rideau. This is one of the regions most famous chateaus that is photogenic and looks familiar like the ones in books and fairytales. This place is in the Indre River and is made in a very stylistic renaissance fashion.  The décor on the inside can be described as impressive and sumptuous with large spiral staircases and grand tapestries.

On the third day

You should set out for a long cycle ride which leaves from the Rideau and goes all the way to the Chateau de Chenonceaux. This place has many arched bridges that seem almost mirrored to perfection in the Cher River. This apparently is one of the most enduring and touching sceneries of the entire Loire valley. The castle is made in classic gothic style mixed with renaissance style architecture. This structure has rounded towers and windows that are arched.  These offer beautiful views of rivers and gardens.

On the fourth day

From Blere, go ahead for about twelve kilometers and you will come across the most scenic back road in the entire valley.  This place has a town called Loire which has an amazing chateau.  The chateau d’ Amboise is supposed to be the burial ground of the legendary Leonardo Da Vinci. When Leonardo da Vinci came here as a guest to the king Francis in the fifteenth century, that is when he worked and lived close to the Luce. This used to be connected to the Chateau by a secret underground passage.

From here you could go to the Chaumont.  This chateau dates back all the way to the fourteenth century. This is why the appearance is medieval. This was it has remnants of the renaissance style.  Catherine de medici used to own the castles most famous owner.  This place was bought in the year eighteen fifty.

This place has had several visitors.  People like Nostradamus and Benjamin Franklin have come here. This place has been taken over by the government and turned into a museum.

On the fifth day

There is an ancient viaduct in Chaumont which you should definitely check out before traveling towards Blois. Once you come here, the terrain become more diverse, you will be able to find many shops and restaurants on the way.  All this is place has charming feel to it like as though you are in a European adventure.

Since this place is a large hug, it is a common place to find many cyclists going about doing their business.