5 Ways to Save In Housing Rent Expenses in Phnom Penh

Housing in Cambodia is very cheap, even in Phnom Penh, the country’s capital. If you have half a grand in your budget, you can live in a comfortable house or apartment for one month. Decent choices are even available for budgets under $500 or $300. Want to get more savings for your rent? Here are some of the best tips to save in your monthly house or apartment rental in Phnom Penh.

Phnom Penh home

1. Live the local way

If you’re an ex-pat, you’ll likely get a house for rent in Phnom Penh with Western amenities and features. Apartments with western influences are already very cheap in Cambodia. Some ex-pats rarely spend $300 in facilities, even if they’re renting a $1,000 property. But if you want to cut corners, even more, living the local way and get apartments and housings is the best way to do so. Cambodian-style housing with three bedrooms can cost as low as $350 a month.

2. Long-term is cheaper

Getting a long-term rental contract is cheaper than getting a long-term one in Cambodia. Even foreigners can get regular apartments for cheap in a long-term lease, which makes it even more affordable. You can negotiate with the landlord for a cheaper rate if you’re going to stay in the area for more than six months. The reasons are because landlords prefer long-term leases, which means they have a steadier source of income in the long run.

Phnom Penh apartment for rent

3. Bring a Cambodian friend along

Call-a-friend is a very helpful feature of infamous game shows. This also applies in real life when renting a house or apartment in Phnom Penh. By calling a Cambodian friend, you would be aware that the landlord is trying to get you to take a lease at a higher price. A lot of landlords do this, but your Cambodian friend will warn you if you’re being overcharged. If you don’t have a Cambodian friend, asking for advice from an ex-pat is also a great thing to consider.

4. Join Facebook groups

If you don’t know an ex-pat personally before moving in Cambodia, consider joining Facebook communities for ex-pats that currently resides in Phnom Penh. It will help you know your possible future neighbors and get advice to where you get the best offer. You might get a suggestion for an open spot that you can get for an attractive price. How about getting an agent? Listings that don’t use brokers and real estate agents are cheaper.

Phnom Penh villa

5. Choose your place wisely

The biggest ex-pat communities are usually on BKK 1, 2, and 3. You can also find some ex-pats from what is called the Russian market and by the Riverside. Please take note that these places are known for their large ex-pat populations and might have more expensive rentals. The cost of living decreases outward Phnom Penh, but the quality of life might vary. Consider Tuol Kork, which is half an hour away from the main town.