Choosing the Perfect House for Rent in Ho Chi Minh – Types of Accommodation

There are no doubts about it – Ho Chi Minh is one of Vietnam’s most beautiful cities. Also known as Saigon, the city boasts culture, beautiful architecture, rich nightlife, and plenty of opportunities – ideal for an ex-pat.

Finding an apartment or a house to rent in Ho Chi Minh may be a bit difficult, though. Before diving in, make sure you familiarize yourself with the type of accommodation you can find in there.


Types of accommodations to consider for rent in Ho Chi Minh


Row houses are classic street houses. They come with multiple floors, and they tend to be rather long than wide. They are part of urban architecture, meaning they come in modern materials. However, the name is given by the fact they often face the street.

The infrastructure characteristics are quite similar, not to mention the design. Many times, they are stuck one to another, so such a row may look like a continuous block. It is not unusual to find shops or other businesses on the ground floor.


Detached houses

Detached houses are more private, more independent, and more expensive. They are freestanding, and just like in other countries, they usually have their driveways and gardens. Surrounding fences are more common in Vietnam than in western countries.

Detached houses are usually large and may come with more bedrooms. They also ensure a high level of privacy.


Villas are similar to houses, but they provide more luxury. Renting a villa involves having a good income, as costs can be quite high. Such accommodation is known for plenty of amenities (including luxury amenities).

You may get a larger garden, privacy, a swimming pool, and so on. Villas are more likely to go out over short periods, though. They are more suitable for tourists in Ho Chi Minh, rather than people who want to live there for a long time.


Flats and apartments

Flats and apartments represent some of the most common options for ex-pats. You can find serviced apartments, yet long-term rental does not involve such features – unless you are willing to pay way more.

Finding an apartment for rent in Ho Chi Minh can be confusing with so many options. You can find apartments in gated communities, for example. They provide everything you might need – shops, restaurants, gyms and so on. Then, it depends on the area you choose too. The city center is more expensive but closer to work, or the action.

There are specific areas where foreigners tend to gather around, though, so a little research will work a long way.


Final words

As a short conclusion, it is worth noting that any house or apartment to rent in Ho Chi Minh can be furnished, unfurnished, or partially furnished. They can be in a safe area, close to all the action, but they can also be in a more local area – great if you want a more authentic experience.

No matter what you choose, it is essential to research your options and do your homework.