Golden Pavilion: Kinkakuji

Golden Pavilion is in Japan, a religious monument that is listed in the list of World Heritage Sites. Golden Pavilion is in Kyoto in Japan. In Japanese term its known as Kinkakuji which means the temple of Golden Pavilion that is cover in gold or gold leaf. This is obvious from the name that Golden Pavilion has gold cover on it. in most beautiful gardens, there is the Buddhist Japanese Temple. The main building of the Buddhist Japanese Temple is famously known as the Golden Pavilion. Deer garden Temple is name given to complex in which the Golden Pavilion is located. Golden Pavilion was inscribed into World Cultural heritage site in year 1994.

Yoshimitsu, began to build the Kitayamaden and he made it sure to make the monument a breath taking site. He was a peaceful man and indulge to make the place a serene and tranquil. When he died he had insisted in his will to make this place into a Zen Temple. The garden that was made during those days still retains its glory and still you can see as it was some hundred years ago.

Kinkakuji Golden Pavilion

Golden Pavilion – Building

Golden Pavilion is called as Kinkaku in Japanese and before that it was known as the Shariden. This elegant and harmonious sacred place comprises of three types of the architecture. On the first floor is Shiden Zukuri which is of palace style, is called as the Ho Sui In. and the second floor its is of Buke Zukuri that is the style of the Samurai’s house and is called as the Cho-on-do. And on third floor is the Karayo style also can be called as the Zen temple style and is called as Kukkyo-cho.

The second and third floors are cover with gold leaf on the Japanese lacquer. On the roof settles the Chinese phoenix is thatched with the shingles.

It was found recently that the coating of the Japanese Lacquer was decaying little, so new coating along with gliding gold-leaf that are much thicker than original were added to building. This got completed in year 1987. In building thee is very beautiful painting on its ceiling and also there is the statue of the founder Yoshimitsu which were also restored with lot of care.

Golden Pavilion Places of interest:

There is a pond which is called as Mirror Pond or Kyoko-chi in Japanese. In this there are many large as well as small islands. climb few steps to reach another small pond that is known as the An-min—taku. There is another interesting place to see is small stone pagoda which is on island of Hakuja-no-tsuka which is mound in memories of white snake.

Also you can sip Japanese classic tea at its classic tea-house known as the Sekka-tei. In that there is one very famous pillar which is made up of nandin. This tea house was also restored in year 1197.

On way out of Golden Pavilion there is sacred shrine- Fudodo shrine. Fudo Myoc has been enshrined to guard the Golden Pavilion. It’s the guardian.

Timings: opens daily from 9am-5pm.