Sihanoukville hotels – From budget to luxury

Sihanoukville is also fondly referred to as Kampong Som and is a province in southern Cambodia on the Gulf of Thailand. This beautiful port city and beach resort of Sihanoukville is bordered by stretches of whit sandy beaches and gorgeous undeveloped tropical islands.

Sihanoukville, named after a Cambodian king, was actually chopped out of a jungle in the late 1950s so Cambodia would get its first and only deep-water port. So there you have it, Sihanoukville is a perfect laid back locale bang in the lap of Mother Nature. Sadly, the transportation is a little weak, so tourists do not flock here in plenty. But that’s actually a great deal for you if you are willing to put in a little effort to travel. The beaches are tranquil and there is an almost laid back feel to the place. Sihanoukville is a gorgeous fantastic place to be and is pretty reasonable.

Sihanoukville has plenty of accommodation options for everyone from those looking for a luxury stay to those on a more budgeted holiday. You can actually even stay at some Sihanoukville hotels for free.
Following are the options of Sihanoukville hotels available for you:


There are plenty of guest houses and standard hotels located downtown. It is a great place to stay as most are centrally located and are only a few minutes away from Sihanoukville’s primary attraction – the beaches. It’s perfectly located close to the markets, restaurants and shopping areas. Rates vary from USD 6 per night to USD 18. most rooms are clean, hygienic and come with a TV and an attached bathroom. The more you pay, the better the services. The more expensive rooms include air conditioning, a nicer locale and a fridge.

Beach Hotels

Another great option among the Sihanoukville hotels is the beach hotels. Prices vary from USD 1500 per night to free! A little off Victory Beach and Ocheteaul Beach, there are plenty of hotel and guesthouse rooms with prices varying from USD 6 to USD 135 per night. The more you pay the more you get. A deluxe luxury resort would be the Mirax Island Resort with rates beginning from USD 3500 per night followed by the Sokha Resort with rates beginning from USD 130 per night.


Sihanoukville is filled with cheap accommodation and guesthouses, with rates varying from USD 2 to USD 6 per night and is available all over the place, except probably on the beach. Right adjacent to Victory beach, there is a place called The Hill which has plenty of mid priced and low priced guesthouses and hotels. Rooms are available form USD 7 onwards near Ocheteaul and Serendipity Beaches. The really low budget room come equipped with a fan, light bulb and bed. Bathrooms are shared.

Mid priced

There are just as many mid priced hotels in Sihanoukville as there are cheap ones. Rates vary from USD 12 to USD 35 per night. Most of these accommodations come equipped with cable TV, fridge, air conditioning and a private bathroom.


Sihanoukville now has a 4 star resort as well as some pretty luxurious accommodations. Prices vary from USD 90 to USD 3500 per night. Other than this, island bungalows are also available; however, these provide minimal services.