Temple of Meenakshi

India is land of temples. There is so much of serene and tranquil feel about the temple. When you worship almighty at temple you feel so connected. Man have made so many temples and in India the temples are so Temple of Meenakshieautiful and sacred. One such beautiful and magnificent temple of the Hindu temples is the Meenakshi temple. The Meenakshi temple is in Madurai, in South India. South India has many au revered temples and one of them is the Meenakshi temple. Meenakshi temple is renowned for the skyscraping gopurams as well as for elaborate carvings on the gateway of the temple.

The Meenkashi temple is very old temple, it was started to build in the thirteenth century and it was erected by the sixteenth century. The Gopurams of the Meenkashi temple reach height of some fifty meters high that is 165 feet.

As the name suggest the temple is of the Goddess though many other Gods are also present. All the statues, carvings and adornments have been so intricately and beautifully decorated. The Gopurams of the temple is decorated from roof to the base. And colors are flamboyant, with fanciful designs of the god as well as many animal sculptures.

Madurai Temple of Meenakshi

The Meenkashi temple is all walled, and there are four main gates or the gopurams which serve as the entrance gates of the temple. The temple is so big inside, once you enter you will not be able to see the end. Its so large as the dozen soccer fields.

The main hall of the Meenkashi temple is so beautifully sculpted. The enormous hall has thousand pillars though its 985 but all are wonderfully sculpted. It is immense beauty. The Meenkashi temple is built in Dravidian style. The Meenkashi temple has many myriads of small temples as well and numerous corridors running through the temple. It is so fascinating and fun thing to do is to discover places on your own and the beautiful small temples and all are like surprises which are waiting on every turn.

Meenkashi temple is must see place even if you are atheist, cause you can marvel at the structure, construction, interior, architecture and definitely the colorful amalgamation of faith and God. Its beauty is immense and worth all time you take to walk around this huge temple. Meenkashi temple is beautiful and wonder of world.