Where to Get a House for Rent in Hanoi: Hoan Kiem or Cau Giay?

So, you are interested in moving to Vietnam. Hanoi looks like a great place, but it is such a big city with so many different areas that finding the perfect place could give you some headaches. If you do not know anyone, you probably worry about ending up in a less desirable area, hence the necessity of a little homework.

Different areas of Hanoi come with different feelings about the local culture. Some areas are more common among foreigners so that you can feel like home. Other areas are more authentic. While they are also rich in foreigners, you will experience a more traditional feeling. Now, while trying to find a house for rent in Hanoi, chances are you will often run into Hoan Kiem and Cau Giay.

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Hoan Kim or Cau Giay – Which area is better?

Hoan Kiem

Hoan Kiem is famous for the lake in the middle of it. You will often read about it while researching life in Vietnam and trying to find the best areas. The primary quarter consists of 33 popular streets, as well as the famous French Quarter.

The French Quarter is one of the top tourist hubs in Hanoi. You will find all kinds of clubs, shops, shopping malls, hotels, bars, pubs, cafés, and restaurants everywhere, as well as beautiful architecture. Despite being so popular, the area provides a local feeling – it is more traditional than others.

You are less likely to miss anything around here. Sure, you can always go out and explore, but if you need something, it will always be within walking distance. Do not miss the popular Dong Xuan Market either. Other than that, you will find both locals and foreigners, yet the experience feels more authentic.

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Cau Giay

Located in the southwestern part of Hanoi, Cau Giay is one of the fastest-growing areas of the city. The last decade has seen a plethora of improvements, so it is seen as an area with huge potential. It has a foreign feel, yet locals mostly dominate it.

The local university is in Cau Giay so that you will see lots of young students around. Given the wide plethora of businesses, some refer to it as the Silicon Valley of the Vietnamese capital. There are, of course, lots of restaurants and bars too.

Are you looking for some outdoor fun? Nothing to worry about. There are lots of paths, walks, and lakes to explore in Cau Giay. Spend a day out, then get some street food and take a walk around the busy markets. If you are up for a nice view, head over to Landmark 72.

In terms of accommodation, you can find more than just a house – apartments and serviced flats, too. While entirely local, Cau Giay has an international church, meaning there are plenty of foreigners around as well.

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Final words

Bottom line, finding a house to rent in Hanoi is not all about a good deal, but also about choosing the best place to live in. Whether you are after touristy areas, an authentic feeling, or a foreigner hub, Hanoi has something for everyone.​​