Boat Fares in Venice

The single water bus fare is € 3,50 for one journey on the Venice network, excluding the Alilaguna, Fusina, LineaBlu, Clodia lines and Actv routes along the Grand Canal. Single tickets can also be bought on board. In this case, however, it must be requested from the attendant on boarding. A one-day return water bus ticket may be bought for € 6,00 and is valid until midnight on the day it is first stamped, and only along the Grand Canal. The fare for a shuttle journey from one stop to the next one across the Grand Canal, or on the section between Lido and S. Elena, or S. Giorgio and S. Zaccaria, is € 1,80.

Other special travel cards are available allowing unlimited use of all water bus lines (excluding the Alilaguna, Fusina, LineaBlu and Clodia services) and on the buses in Mestre and Lido. These cards entitle passengers to carry one item of luggage with them: – One-day Travel Card for € 10,50 , valid from 24 hors from the time of stamping. Three-day Travel Card for € 22,00 with a 72-hour validity from the time of stamping. “3-day Young Persons'” Travel Card for € 15,00 with a validity of 72 hours from the day and time of stamping. It is issued only upon presentation of the Rolling Venice Card issued by the Venice City Council.

“Grand Canal Ticket” € 5.00. This ticket is valid only for the Grand Canal route. It is valid for 90 minutes and more than a trip is allowed in thi period.

Conference Card: it is valid from 1 to 8 days. The Card can be booked at the Venice office of Calle Fuseri for € 10.50 for the first day, for € 15,00 for two days, € 19.50 for three days, 3,00 for each day thereafter.