Can I Visit Zurich on a Budget?

Zurich is the city known to have the world’s highest quality of life, being surrounded by the stunning Alps and other natural splendors. Thus, traveling there definitely, comes at a price. Even though it cannot be contradicted that Zurich is an expensive destination, that doesn’t mean you should not dare to go near the city because you don’t plan on spending a small fortune there. Thereupon, the answer to your question is affirmative; you can dare to visit Zurich on a budget, as long as you consider our recommendations.


  • Take advantage of lunch specials

Eating out in Switzerland can be really expensive. Hence, you might consider cooking for yourself, or, even better, keep an eye out for lunch specials. Lunchtime is the best time to enjoy a cooked meal in Zurich since they cost about 10-20 CHF. We also suggest you to choose Indian, Chinese, or Middle Eastern restaurants that offer huge portions of food at attractive rates, as opposed to traditional ones that are overpriced.

In addition, there’s another option for cheap meals, namely sausage stands. Enjoying a traditional Swiss sausage with bread will be just enough to settle down your hunger and get you fueled for exploring the city.


  • Ride a free bike

If you’re keen on biking, I have good news for you, my friend. You can explore the city on the bike, free of charge. You can take your bike from right in front of the central train station, or at other locations around the city. You can choose from an electric bike if you wish to go fast, or an ordinary bike.

  • Zurich card

You may also decide to purchase the Zurich card if you would like to benefit from various discounts on the entrance in most museums. At the same time, the Zurich card enables you to travel with the majority of public means of transportation. You can choose the 24 hours or 72 hours card, depending on the time you plan on spending there.

  • Free water

You may save some money by taking advantage of the many public fountains that are scattered around the town. You won’t have to worry about anything since the quality of the water is excellent, even better than that of bottled water. Good news, right? However, if you don’t want to pay for tap water at a restaurant, make sure you don’t ask for it since many restaurants charge for it.


If you’re not too eager to travel by public means of transportation, particularly if your arrival at the airport is at a peak hour, when taxis are scarce, and the buses and trains are packed, you can always book your Zurich airport transfer services with a private, legit company. It’s easy, everything is done online, and you can find out the price of the drive in advance, and even receive a special discount if you book your two-way trip. Also, you can choose from more than one type of vehicles, depending on your budget and needs, of course.