Galleria d’Arte Moderna di Palazzo Pitti

Palazzo Pitti is an old impressive building, faced with large stone ashlars, it was one of the Royal family residence until 1920. Thirty rooms contains this remarkable collection, which offers a complete overview of Italian painting, from the Neoclassical period to Naturalism and Macchiaioli. The first part is dedicated to Neoclassical style with paintings of Demidoff, Asburgo, Lorena, work of Antonio Ciseri at the time of Florence capital of Italy.

Among the most notable works are: the personal collection of Diego Martelli with a strong unity between Naturalism and Impressionism, the beautiful paintings of Adriano Cecioni painted during the fifty years following Italian unification,works of Giovanni Fattori and Riccardo Nobili.

After the second World War Emilio Gagliardini gave his personal collection of 43 paintings to the Museum. In the following years italian artists came back to Naturalism and described man with his restlessness and his relationship with the natural world.