Museo degli Argenti

Housed near Palazzo Pitti this Museum posseses a rich and diversified collection of precious objects. Its name derives from the silver collection of Salisburgo exhibited in the Palace in the half of 19th century.
The exhibits include silverware, vases of carved ivory and rock cristal, amber, gems, cameos, Chinese and Japanese porcelain, enamels and jewelery. The room is dedicated to Lorenzo il Magnifico. The Musuem offer masterpieces of florentine craftmanship: vases based on paintings by Buontalenti, rock cristall of Caterina de’ Medici and Cristina di Lorena.

Among the materials on display we should mention a rich collection of cameos and intaglioes from Tribuna degli Uffizi, jewelry and precious trinkets, silver objects for liturgical use, curios exotic artifacts and products as ostrich’s eggs and coconut.