Nightlife in Luxembourg City

We should be the first to admit that -some years ago- Luxembourg was somewhat behind other cities in terms of nightlife… BUT, how quickly times do change!

Today, Luxembourg is a buzzing, heaving, thriving, screaming hub of activity once the sun goes down! Check out the likes of, the videos in the “by Night section on, or any of the links we have on our page of events in Luxembourg if you need convincing.

The addition of the new Rockhal, the new Philharmonic hall, and the return to use of the Grand Théâtre (which was being cleaned of asbestos, and hence was closed for several years) is bringing out the locals in droves night after night. And that’s just for the major venues! Dozens of smaller, more intimate, clubs and bars have opened recently and provide a very lively entertainment scene indeed.

Ask at the tourist office in Place Guillaume or in the railway station for all the “in” places, or simply head down to the “Grund” area at the foot of the mighty city walls if you want to dance away the night. There is a convenient lift at the Plateau du St. Esprit avoiding the hundreds of steps or the steep incline down to the Grund. The “Hollerich” suburb, near the railway station is another part of town where nightclubs and bars have recently shot up.

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