Santa Maria Maddalena dei Pazzi

The Church was founded in 1240 and in 1479 it was enlarged by the basis of Brunelleschi’s project then Giuliano da Sangallo and Arrigucci were appointed to rebuild the complex.

The Church is near the convent of Convertine orde that became the order of Santa Maria degli Angeli di San Frediano. Cateria dei Pazzi became nun with the name of Maria Maddalena. The legend told that she had ecstatic esperiences that influenced spirituality of 600. The Church stands in Borgo Pinti and was restored after the flood of 1966. In the hall note the contrast between grey pietra serena and the white of plaster. It has six aisles and six Chapels with glass windows of 15th century. In this Church worked important artists as Buontalenti and Leonardo del Tasso.