Top Things You Can Do in Milan as a Family

Traveling with children implies pre-departure planning. That is the key to enjoying a fruitful, enjoyable trip since children tend to get bored easily. If you have a trip to Milan planned, rest assured, you’ll have plenty of things to include on your agenda. The city is a delight to both adults and children. We propose to you the following activities.

  • Piazza del Duomo and Il Duomo Terraces

Visiting Piazza del Duomo and Il Duomo terraces are two experiences you shouldn’t omit. The construction of the magnificent cathedral was accomplished in 500 years, and no less than 176 architects were part of it. The result is astounding, which is why Il Duomo is Milan’s most representative landmark.

Ideally, heading to the lofty Duomo roof will enable you to appreciate the unique geographic patterns of the sculptures, as well as the views over the city. This is a family adventure your kids will adore.


  • Visit the Civic Aquarium

A visit to the Civic Aquarium is another great family memory. Dating from 1906, this place presents a superb collection of fish and marine life exponents, encompassing no less than 100 distinct species. This is an excellent venue for the entire family, and, the best thing is that it’s free. It’s located in the proximity of the historic area, and there are various restaurants close by.


  • LunaPark Milano

Luna Park is an amusement park that will please children of all ages, while still providing plenty of viable options for mom and dad to enjoy themselves. While the children explore the house of mirrors and go-karts, parents can relish a nice stroll along the midway, or, even better, get off to the house of horrors. The park includes a broad range of attractions, varying from merry go rounds to roller coasters your children will love.

LunaPark Milano

  • Planetarium of Milan

For families who like planning activities that are also educational, the Planetarium of Milan is a perfect option. It’s acknowledged as Italy’s first and largest planetarium, being a favorite among tourists and locals alike. The best part about the planetarium is the projection dome, which is completed with a 1930s Milan skyline.

The dome’s diameter is 20 meters, which is something you don’t see every day. Even though it’s originally designed for educational purposes, merely admiring the architecture of the building is a feast for the eyes. It’s no curiosity that the spot is a popular location for famous fashion shows.

Planetarium of Milan

Since traveling with your family equals planning ahead, you should also consider booking your airport transfers before arriving at the airport. That’s because airports tend to get overcrowded during certain hours, which may make it rather challenging to obtain a cab or reliable means of transportation.

Not to mention that choosing public transport when you’re traveling with kids is rather stressful. The solution is simple, selecting the airport transfer solution that fits your needs best and booking it in advance, so that your vacation is stress-free.