Top Three Weird Traditions in Rome

As any other city in the world, Rome has its own culture, formed by the unique traditions that date from almost forever. Read below some information about the 3 weirdest traditions of the locals. In this way, you won’t be surprised if you pop up in the city when the Pasquetta, Saints Day or Epiphany take place.

trevi fountain in sunset light Rome


The first day after Easter is called Pasquetta by Italian people. It’s actually a part of the Easter holiday celebrations and involves different family activities to the countryside. Even if all the family members take a break just to play a board game or go fishing, during this holiday they are supposed to leave the city and spend quality time in a quiet environment.

The most common activity on Pasquetta is the family picnic, which also marks the beginning of the spring season.

Saints Day

If it happens to walk near a cemetery on November 1, you might find the graves of the deceased decorated with different types of flowers. Why? Because this is the Saints Day tradition. On this religious holiday, Italians don’t forget about their lost ones so they bring several flowers on their graves.


A holiday that’s very similar to Christmas in some aspects takes place on January 6 in Italy. On Epiphany, good children are the happiest because they receive presents and goodies from an old woman who travels on her broomstick, as the legend says.

Even if this woman called Befana is loved as much as the Father Christmas, just a few people outside Italy know about this weird but wonderful tradition. If you think that she looks like a witch, you have to know that this celebration has its roots in pagan and pre-Christian rituals.

Another important thing that you should know about this holiday is that Epiphany is linked to the celebration of Magi who came to Bethlehem by following a comet. Twelve days after Christmas, they met baby Jesus and offered him various gifts. Maybe that’s the reason why Befana travels on her broomstick, to remind people about the comet that guided the Magi to the holy city!

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