The remnants on Torcello island indicate its grand past, in the beginning of the middle ages, when this was the most important town in the lagoon.

There is not much left of most of the buildings in Torcello except for ruins with paths between them.

The first church in Torcello was built in the beginning of the 7th century, and expanded in the year 697 when the Bishop resided on the island. When the Patriarch came to stay on the island, until the 9th century, Torcello was a religious and governmental center for the residents of the lagoon.

The glory of Toricello demised gradually with the rise of Venice. In time Toricello became marginal. The rich residents left for Venice. Eventually, Toricello became what it is today.

Follow the path to the square of the Duomo di Santa Fosca of the 11th century. The massive bell tower is an indication of the past of the Duomo as a fortress.

The Chiesa di Santa Maria was the first church in Toricello. It is one of the rare examples of the early pre Romanesque style, rich in beautiful mosaics, some of the 7th century.