What Not to do While in Venice

Although Venice is one of the most exotic cities in Italy and it’s worth every penny to visit it, you need to pay attention to a few aspects before you plan a trip to this magical place.

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canals in Venice

There are also some negative sides of this city. Here is a list of things that you shouldn’t do in Venice.

  1. Don’t drink your coffee at a café

You probably imagine yourself drinking a hot beverage in a little café in Piazza San Marco. Well, that’s not a good idea because the prices are higher here than in the other cities of Italy. Plus, there are bands that are playing at the tables and the owners can charge you for listening to them.

You can order a coffee at the counter. It’s cheaper.

  1. Don’t ride with a Gondola boat

The Gondola rides are the essence of Venice. Gondola is also a symbol for the Venetian past. But they are also expensive. A 30-minutes traditional gondola ride costs from 80 euros .If you spent another 20 minutes on the boat, you pay 40 euros.  This boat has 6 places and if your group is smaller, there’s a chance you’ll be riding with strangers.


  1. Don’t eat at the fancy restaurants

In time, tourism has developed a lot in Venice. Local and authentic restaurants lost their importance while expensive restaurants gained an essential status. Many people claimed that the food from these luxurious restaurants isn’t that tasty. Another disadvantage is that you can spent a fortune on a meal. For example, if you want to eat at Riviera, a popular restaurant, a dinner can cost you between 62 and 168 euros.

Best places where you can eat a delicious meal, at an affordable price are the local restaurants.

  1. Don’t feed the birds & don’t eat while you’re walking in Piazza San Marco

You’re not allowed to feed the birds from Piazza San Marco.  If the local authorities see you, you might get a fine of 500 euros.

You can eat in Piazza San Marco only if you’re sitting at one of the numerous bars from there. Otherwise, you’ll get a fine if you’re seen enjoying a meal in the middle of the square.

  1. Don’t visit a church if you aren’t dressed adequate

You don’t have to follow a fashion trend in order to visit a church. All you have to do is cover your shoulders and knees. Also, you have to wear shoes (you’re allowed with sandals or flip-flops).

If you decide to visit Venice, don’t forget about these pieces of advice. They can make your holiday less complicated.