Finding Accomodations at Charming York Beach, Maine

What is it about Maine that lends itself so well to the tourism industry? There are so many scenic and charming places to visit in the state one of these is York Beach which is considered among the 25 best beaches in the US. But just like their visits to any beach community in the country, the paramount question in the minds of tourists is: where do I find a place to stay?

York Beach, Maine

Places to Stay
Have no fear, there are quite a few lodging places that you can take your pick from when you opt to visit York Beach, Maine. If you like cozy bed-and-breakfasts because of their humble services that remind you of visits to your parents’ place, then you might want to try out York Harbor Inn. This bed-and-breakfast that also doubles as a country inn is nestled amidst interesting seaside estates, with easy access to a quiet secure beach and its protected waters. Another bed-and-breakfast can be found in York Harbor, named Chapman Cottage, which will allow you to stay overnight in one of their comfortable guest rooms. If you prefer a bed-and-breakfast that is a bit more upscale, then the Inn at Tanglewood Hall is for you. This lodging place features air conditioning that can only help you doze off more comfortably in one of their rooms that sport queen beds and luxurious private baths. But you have to remember that, with bed-and-breakfasts, there are a limited number of rooms so it’s definitely a race against time getting a room of your own here.

York Beach itself is one of the earliest communities to be developed on the oceanfront in the state of Maine. Some key attractions here are: the oldest jail in the US (which forms part of the community museum run by the Old York Historical Society); the biggest zoo and amusement park in the state (right in the heart of York Beach); and York’s very own Nubble Light (considered by some to be the most beautiful of US lighthouses, regardless of location.)

Renting properties on the Beach
If you want to rent properties right on the beach itself, it possible to reserve two-bedroom to four-bedroom properties for the summer. Among the amenities that some of these properties can offer you are: VCR/DVD player access; Internet access; gas grills; A/C electricity supply; and perhaps even a washer and dryer. If you fear that the kids will get bored by your seaside vacation, fortunately certain properties can offer you extended cable channels so that well-loved shows on MTV, HGTV, the Cartoon channel, Disney, NESN, and ESPN (among others) will never be missed. If you want to rent properties during the spring or fall instead, this is also possible too. One new innovation that some vacation rentals offer is a vacation gift certificate this allows the recipient to avail of a stay at one of the seaside vacation properties being offered for rent. Take your pick between townhouses and cottages, whichever seems more ideal for your circumstances.