Things to do in Hilton Head Island

Have you ever set foot on Hilton Head Island? Well, because if you have you will get what I am talking about. Did you feel the same feeling of loss that I did when I left the island? There were such a lot of things to do in Hilton Head, you can bike, hike, swim, golf, shop, fish and a lot more to your hearts content, that one certainly feels like the kid when he leaves the candy shop. That too after filling his pockets.

I had a holiday in Hilton Head Island last month, and I simply can’t remember an island I enjoyed more. Action packed was simply not the world, I indulged in a huge number of the activities on offer here, still there were so many attractions I could not fit in, which explains the feeling of loss.

Top Things to do in Hilton Head

Hilton Island is placed in the Beaufort County in South Carolina, and is the second biggest barrier island in the eastern seaboard. The area is home to a huge number of wildlife unique to this region, the endangered Loggerhead Sea Turtle for one. There are also huge numbers of avian species,  alligators and deer.

The Coastal Discovery Museum of South Carolina also spearheads the annual Sea Turtle Protection Project which goes on from May to October, and it seeks to help sea turtles go about their annual migratory and nesting activities unrestrained, as also spread awareness among the general public about the species.

Hilton Head island

If you want a shot of culture, you can try out the Arts Council of Beaufort County, which has a huge number of programs and events. The Hilton Head Symphony Orchestra holds performances all year through. The Hilton Head Choral Society is a non profit organization that is open to the community, which holds regular shows.

The Gullah celebration is also worthwhile. The festival is held to celebrate the indigenous culture of the island. The Gullah were actually among the first residents, and still live here. There are also events such as the Celebrity Golf Tournament, and the Shelter Cove Wine Fest.

If you are still on the look out for things to do in Hilton Head island, try these on for size, dolphin watching, fishing, the Harbor Fest, cycling, snorkeling, diving, kayaking and a huge number of other water sports.

If physical pursuits are not your forte, you can indulge in some shopping, wellness spas, beauty treatments among others. Lounging at the beach or by the poolside sipping a drink is actually one of the most relaxing things to do in Hilton Head Island.