Things to do in Kauai

Kauai is the oldest among the major islands part of Hawaii, and is among the most beautiful, with verdant flora, beautiful flower gardens, pristine beaches, that has earned it the name the “Garden Isle” of Hawaii. The island of Kauai is among the most beautiful, and has a whole range of heavenly destinations, especially for couples on a holiday together, and honeymooners. There are a whole range of rewarding things to do in Kauai that makes for an immersive island experience, and these will make you experience the best of the island, with nothing missed.

Kauai napali-coast

These are my suggestions for things to do in Kauai –
  • Visit Waimea Canyon and Koke’e State Park
    The Waimea canyon was nicknamed the “Grand canyon of the Pacific” by Mark Twain. The Waimea, although not as big as the latter, is certainly huge, 10 mi long, 2 mi wide and at more than three thousand six hundred feet in depth. The Waimea has shades of browns, greens, reds on its surface, which are created because of the volcanic flow over centuries. Many people feel this is more colorful than the Grand Canyon. The Kok’e State Park is close to four thousand acres in size, and has anbout forty five hiking trails, a few of which lead to the Waimea canyon.

  • Take a Helicopter Ride
    Taking a helicopter ride above Kauai is the best way to appreciate the heavenly scenery here, the Mountain Wai’ale’ale is one, the sea cliffs, the water falls and forests are others. Jack Harter helicopters have a ninety minute tour which –photographers may be interested in, good value for money. Reserve early so as to leave enough time to reschedule in case of bad weather. This is among the most fun things to do in Kauai.

  • Tour the Na Pali Coast by Sea
    The Na Pali Coast State Park at Kauai is an expanse of volcanic cliffs that stretch for twenty two miles. The Na Pali Coast is visible from a distance, but getting up close in a boat, raft or even by helicopter is much more fun.
  • Visit Limahuli Garden and Preserve
    The Limahuli garden and preserve was placed first in a lust of the best botanical gardens in the United States by the American Horticultural Society. The entire preserve extends to more than thousand acres, and nestles in a lush green valley that has 3 different eco zones at Ha’ena at the west shore here.