Things to do with kids in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a place which is believed cannot be visited with kids. With kids in your tow you can’t go to casinos. And definitely not to most happening parties, clubs, lounges and pool parties. Then after becoming parents is Las Vegas out of question? That is not the case, las Vegas is destination where even kids can enjoy. There are so many things to do, attractions and entertainment options for kids, and families. Listings down are some of the places that you can visit with your kids:

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this is destination that is loved by kids the most in Las Vegas, for this is thrilling, exciting and totally fun. Adventuredome is largest theme park indoor in America. Under the six acre of glass dome, tere are exciting rides. One of the most exciting is the Canyon Blaster which is Uthas based designed by the Arrow dynamics crams the four inversions in the Adventuredome.

The Aquarium at the Silverton

Silverton Hotel has 117,000-gallons aquarium of saltwater, which is loved by all the kids. Seeing the underwater life so large and upclose entertainment is of large scale.

Big Shot

This is terrifying and scary,big shot is launches in two seconds to 160-foot you will be startled. Doing the feat is 1,000 feet into the air atop to one of tallest buildings in the western side of the Mississippi is absolute petrifying.

CSI: The Experience

One of the most amazing destination, specially for kids who love Sydney Sheldon, Agatha Cristie, Carolyn Keene, there is the CSI: Experience for you where to all the enthusiast of crime investigations can crack cases like shown in in the CSI hit show. It includes some three crime situations, with state of arts lab and all things related to investigation. Isn’t this fun?


Score to new heights, get tilted or whirled in Tilt-a-whirl and Scrambler, Chaos has people screaming, giggling, laughing out loud when spinning, flipping and tilting experience the never experience before.

Ethel M Chocolate Factory Tour and Cactus Garden

If its chocolates then kids are going to love it for sure! Ethel M Chocolates fosters the sweet tooth in everybody be it kids, teens and even adults. With your kids do visit the factory to see making of the yummy chocolates and thereafter even see the Cactus garden where there are many varied species like prickly pear, saguaros and ocotillo in the garden.

Floyd Lamb State Park

Floyd Lamb State Park is good place for one day picnic, or during day time or in evening. Kids love the place, with ponds which has some aquatic life to be seen, there are many picnic areas for you have picnic meals, play games with your kids, also you get here barbeques. There is place to play volleyball and also the place has horse riding. There are scenic paths through which parents can take walks while their kids have their own gala time.

Frog Hopper

Take kids here for the mini version of Turbo Drop. At Frog Hopper children are allowed for this experience, in seven seat car, along with one adult seat to take hell of a fun.


This is ultimate destination for the kids and even the adults for here the Game stop like none other. Made by none other than the Steven Spielberg and many of his talented collegues and associates, its video playground, where you will be transported into another world like that of Area51, Superhighway etc. this is high tech and a place where your kid will get lost in all the excitement and fun of playing.