Top California Beach Wedding locations

A beach wedding conjures up images of stretches of white sands, the gentle crash of waves and the waving of palm trees – all to serve as a background to the wedding of your dreams. You may be under the impression that such backdrops are only available to those who can afford a wedding in Hawaii or some other exotic location in the Caribbean. But, you can now take heart in the fact a California beach wedding can be just as exotic.

California has got the longest coastline in the United States second to only Alaska. This gives you a choice of a multitude of beach locations at which to have your wedding. What’s more California is a much more affordable location for a beach wedding. Moreover, the location is easy on the pockets of your guests. The government here is quite liberal in their outlook and you will not have to worry extensively about travel papers or even the theme of the wedding you would like to have.

California has a wide range of beach wedding options and you can go in for those with backdrops of coastal cliffs, rocky sea shores, or secluded coves. You could also choose from beachfront hotels, a resort or a luxurious beach club. Some of the favored beach wedding destinations in California are

• The Santa Barbara Beach
• The Crystal Cove State Beach
• The Bolsa Chica State Beach
• Malibu’s Paradise Cove
• Marina Del Rey
• Pismo Beach
• Santa Monica
• Sunset Beach
San Francisco Bay beaches
• Monterey
• Laguna Beach

Those who live in California will not have much of a problem organizing a beach wedding. However, if you are from out of state, then it would make sense for you to employ the services of a wedding planner. There are several packages in terms of services that you can choose from. This will ensure that you do not take on the stress of planning a wedding and are radiant on your memorable day.