Vero Beach Dubbed One of Top Beach Towns in US

According to Money Magazine, Vero Beach in sunny Florida can be considered one of the leading beach towns in the country. Even the book named “Cities Ranked and Rated” calls Vero Beach one of the top emerging places in the US. Vero Beach is perceived as a high-end beach community that has quite a high cost of living standard, compared to the rest of Florida. For America’s Guide to Small Towns, Vero Beach can be said to be the best among small towns in the state, and presently #12 among small towns in the entire United States. Because of the artistic talents demonstrated by Vero Beach residents, the town of Vero Beach is deemed as one of the ten leading art towns of the US.

Vero beach

Renting a Property
If all these accolades have whetted your appetite for a visit to Vero Beach, you can make arrangements for either short-term or long-term stay at vacation rental properties in the town. You can take your pick between furnished or unfurnished properties, whichever suits your fancy. You may also opt to stay in these Vero Beach rental properties during the peak season, off-season, or by the month. Not only are regular homes available for vacation rental purposes, you might also want to take a look at condominium units for rent as well.

There are many parks being maintained for you to visit within the Vero Beach vicinity. Some parks you can try to visit could be Round Island Beach Park, Tracking Station Park, South Beach Park, Jaycee Park, Humiston Park, and Golden Sands Beach Park all of these within hailing distance of the nearby ocean. If you would like to see what the Indian River County has to offer, you may want to try out the following Vero Beach parks: A.W. Young Park, Round Island Park West, MacWilliam Park, Riverside Park, and Bethel Creek House.

There are also recreational parks found within inland parts of Vero Beach. Look for Troy Moody Park, South Country Regional Park, Pocahontas Park, Piece of Pie Park, 16th Street Complex, 19th Street & 25th Avenue Park, Leisure Square, Kiwanis-Hobart Park, Gifford Park, Creative Playground, and Charles Park.

You may have to inquire at each respective facility, but there are many activities you and the whole family could take part in during your visit to Vero Beach, such as outdoor picnics (complete with barbecue grills and optional electrical access); volleyball and basketball games, indoor racquetball, cycling, fishing, mini-golf (for the kids) and golf (for the grownups); kayaking; lacrosse; surfing; skating; tennis; soccer; and swimming either in pools or in the ocean itself. Some people like Vero Beach facilities so much, they hold conferences, meetings, seminars and even weddings in these places.

The Vero Beach Museum
Those who want to be immersed in the Vero Beach world of art can head for the Vero Beach Museum of Art which is believed to be the biggest quality cultural arts facility in the state. Not only is it an art museum, it is also an educational institution as well that is devoted to American art (and of course Florida artists as well.)