Things to do in Brazil

Brazil is a huge country located in South America. In fact, it is one of the biggest countries of the continent. Here I blog about the various things to do in Brazil.

Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro

  • BrasiliaThis is the capital city of the country and you can see the futuristic vision of Oscar Niemeyer. It is often over looked by the visitors. This place was designed by Niemeyer, a world famous architect of his time. You can also see his various creations here like national congress, the cathedral of the city both of which are UNESCO’s World Heritage sites.
  • Exploring Amazon – This is the largest rainforest in the world and it has one third of all living species of the planet. This rainforest also has ten of the world’s twenty biggest rivers and this includes the popular Amazon River. For trips, usual base is Manaus.
  • See football – You can catch up with a football game at the Rio Maracana Stadium. When it was built, it was the world’s biggest stadium. Football is the most popular game here and all the matches are a noisy affair with lots of colors.
  • Fortaleza – Fotaleza is a city located in the northern coast and it is a starting point for Jericoacoara and a very popular resort too. It takes just four hours to reach here through car and the picturesque village is between white dazzling sand-dune desert and balmy turquoise sea.
  • Diving – You can take a dip inside deep blue waters in Brazil’s coast. In the marine protected park, diving is quite popular on Fernando de Noronha island. In Rio de Janerio state, there are three hundred islands under water waiting to be explored.
  • Handgliding – You can soar above tropical landscape on hang gliding tandem flight from Pedro Bonita located in Sao Conrado just out side of Rio. This excursion is quite popular and it gives you a bird’s eye view of Rio city along with Atlantic forest before you land on beach.
  • Hiking Diamantina National Park – You can go hiking in the Diamantina National Park located in Bahia. It is one of the eco tourism hotspots of Brazil and is also an adventure play ground for rafting, diving, caving, and trekking. There are plenty of natural attractions here and the list includes waterfalls, underground lakes, caves, forests, mountains, etc.
  • Learn the samba dance – Escola de samba or the samba school teaches you how to dance. It is open to the visitors for a few months before the carnival of Rio de Janeiro.