churches in Florence Archive


The Church was dedicated to San Salvatore and founded in 1256 by the order of the Umiliati. They dedicated their lives not only to praise the Lord but also to dyeing of clothes. In the Middle Age there was a convent that today it is diveded by a barraks. (more…)

San Felice

This Church was build in 1078 and dedicated to a martyr of the III century a.c., a disciple of the bishop of Nola. The Church was remodelled in the two centuries that followed. (more…)

Santa Felicita

This church is very close to Ponte Vecchio but more ancient of it. The first news about it are dated in 420. Before in this area there was a cemetery and the church has today some sepulchral features. In 16th century it was linked to Corridoio Vasariano that linked Palazzo Pitti to Uffizi and Santa Felicita became the Church of Medici. They assisted to Mass from higher so nobody could seee them. (more…)

Santi Apostoli

It was erected before 1000, this Church is located in Piazza del Limbo, where there was a cimitery for child buried before being baptized. The Church is in Romanesque style, on the façade note the symbol of Altoviti, enemies of Medici. The interior has three naves with columns of green marble. (more…)

San Marco

The order of Silvestrini built this Church at the end of 13th century and then became property of Dominican. Silvestrini had to left the convet because they were accused of being disrespectful of rules. Vasari defined it “the most beautiful convent in Italy”. Two men made the history of San Marco: Giovanni Angelico a monk and an artist, which works are collected in San Marco museum, and Savonarola, which from the pulpit of the Church accused the immorality of the city. The Church, the dome and Sant’Antonio Chapel were planned by Giambologna. (more…)

San Lorenzo

This church was build in 394 for the will of a noblewoman. The woman was sterile and desired to have a son. She praised San Lorenzo and became fecund. She financed the buildung of the church. The church did not underwent modification but after many years a big fire destroyed it. In 1423 Brunelleschi restored the Church and it became one of the most beautiful Church of Florence. On the portal there is Medici symbol, build by Michelangelo. The building has three aisles divided by Corinthian pilaster. The façade remained undecorated. Chapels are frescoed by the greatest Florentine artists. In Desiderio’s altar there is one of Donatello’s pulpits. In the transept there are the best works: in the left arm of the transept it is Annunciation by Filippo Lippi, in the right-hand pulpit note the Martyrdom of St. Lawrence by Agnolo Bronzino. (more…)

San Miniato

It was built by bishop Ildebrando and with the Battistero of San Giovanni, or Baptistery, is a masterpiece of Florentine Romanesque architecture. It has a bell form and the façade is quite distinctive for the contrast between the white and the green marble it is surmounted by a splendid mosaic. The interior covers three levels, with the presbitery raised above the main level and partly buried crypt; there is a nave and two aisles, once richly frescoed. (more…)

Santa Maria Maddalena dei Pazzi

The Church was founded in 1240 and in 1479 it was enlarged by the basis of Brunelleschi’s project then Giuliano da Sangallo and Arrigucci were appointed to rebuild the complex. (more…)

Santa Maria Maggiore

This Church is one of the first Churches in Florence. It was built in 4th century. The interior has a nave and two aisles divided by pointed arches set on square pillars decored by Buontalenti. (more…)

SS. Annunziata

The Church was founded by the religious order of the Servi di Maria in 1260 as a small oratory. It was enlarged in 1400 when Michelozzo, Portigiani and Manetti built the rectangular nave. Manetti and Leon Battista Alberti altered the large circular tribune built by Michelozzo on the base of Rotonda Santa Maria degli Angeli by Brunelleschi. (more…)