Luxembourg Archive

Touring the Benelux: Visiting Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands

So you fancy going on holiday? But you don’t have a huge budget? Mainland Europe is your answer. With the Schengen system and excellent transport links travelling across the continent has never been easier. A great holiday idea is killing three birds with one stone by visiting Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. (more…)

Luxembourg Activities: active breaks in Luxembourg

If you want to take more of an active break, Luxembourg offers you the world’s densest network of both hiking and cycling paths, more tennis courts than you can throw a ball at, and more fitness centres than you thought would fit into this stamp-sized country. (more…)

Nightlife in Luxembourg City

We should be the first to admit that -some years ago- Luxembourg was somewhat behind other cities in terms of nightlife… BUT, how quickly times do change! (more…)

Public Transport in Luxembourg

The City of Luxembourg is served by an efficient network of buses run by the “Autobus municipaux de la Ville de Luxembourg”. The main centre of the capital city is very compact and eminently walkable (more…)

Sightseeing in Luxembourg: the Wenzel walk

This is a classic, probably the most visiting spot in Luxembourg. So, why is it so popular? The Wenzel walk is a journey through history, “a thousand years’ worth of history in a hundred minutes” so they say. The site belongs to the UNESCO world heritage. (more…)