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Top Neighborhoods for Renting an Apartment in Hanoi

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam and the second-biggest city. It is a city full of new opportunities and an excellent infrastructure. As such, more and more people decide to make a living for themselves in Hanoi. (more…)

Where to Get a House for Rent in Hanoi: Hoan Kiem or Cau Giay?

So, you are interested in moving to Vietnam. Hanoi looks like a great place, but it is such a big city with so many different areas that finding the perfect place could give you some headaches. If you do not know anyone, you probably worry about ending up in a less desirable area, hence the necessity of a little homework. (more…)

Choosing the Perfect House for Rent in Ho Chi Minh – Types of Accommodation

There are no doubts about it – Ho Chi Minh is one of Vietnam’s most beautiful cities. Also known as Saigon, the city boasts culture, beautiful architecture, rich nightlife, and plenty of opportunities – ideal for an ex-pat. (more…)

Save money when renting apartments in Ciputra Hanoi

Renting an apartment in Ciputra Hanoi has gotten pretty expensive over the years. A decade or two ago, many landlords required a small monetary payment or one months rent as a security deposit. (more…)

Top 10 things to consider before renting a flat or apartment in Ciputra Hanoi

Whether you are striking out on your own for the very first time or just moving on, renting an apartment or flat is the best way to have a roof over your head. You may be looking for a long-term or a short-term lease and the apartment you choose to must meet your basic needs for safety and security. But beyond meeting these basic needs, how are you going to decide which apartment in Hanoi is the right one for you and your lifestyle?

There are plenty of newspapers, apartment finders and website listing such as for you to browse in your apartment search (more…)