Choosing the Right Travel Insurance for Your Next Trip

The need for emergency medical treatment, having to cut a vacation short due to illness or injury, and lost or stolen luggage are just a few of the things that can be covered with the right travel insurance. Taking a few moments to research your options and spending a few extra dollars on your next trip to purchase a travel insurance policy or rider, can mean the difference between ruined plans and an added level of security that can take the sting out of whatever has gone wrong. Here are a few things to consider when purchasing travel insurance:

  1. Review your current medical and life insurance policies. You’ll need to know what is currently covered whether you travel interstate or abroad. Many medical insurance policies has reduced benefits for seeking medical care in cities or countries that are considered out of network, or out of your primary home location.
  2. Auto clubs like AAA (Automobile Association of America) as well as several auto insurance companies offer travel insurance for both domestic and international travel. If you are an AAA member, or you have a current auto insurance policy, check with a customer service representative or your agent to find out what options you may have (and their associated costs).
  3. There are a variety of companies that specialize in different types of travel insurance. Policies are available for families, groups traveling together, Seniors (over 50), adventure travel coverage and even annual policies for globetrotters that take multiple trips within the year. Use the Internet to research the options available as well as the reputation of the insurance companies providing coverage.

Once you’ve researched all your options, you may discover that travel insurance is a cost-effective layer of security that you just can’t leave home without.