Experience the magnificence of Victoria Falls

Almost all of us are familiar with the spectacular Victoria Falls, while are located in southern Africa. It is located on the borders of Zimbabwe and Zambia. The major source of this stunning falls is the Zambezi River. When the height and width of these waterfalls are calculated together, it is said to be the world’s largest sheet of falling water. Dr. David Livingstone, Scottish explorer has given the waterfall its name.

You can easily reach Victoria Falls from Livingstone, Zambia and Zimbabwe. If you are using Zambia as the starting point of your journey we would recommend you explore the complete natural wonder and cross the border and see what is offered by the falls in Zimbabwe. You would definitely love the different perspective.

You can enjoy the two unique views of the falls. Firstly, you can hire a helicopter or take a microlight tour. It is one of the best ways to explore Victoria Falls. Taking over the gigantic falls would be a lifetime experience. You will enjoy the breathtaking aerials view of the stunning falls as well as its surrounding area. Both a helicopter and a microlight tour would provide you with a fair chance of spotting hippos, elephants and other animals.

For those who don’t know what a microlight is; then it is basically a small motorized aircraft that can accommodate two person. It looks quite similar to a hang glider; however it has a propeller as well as seats for both the captain and the passenger. In addition to this; while traveling in a microlight you can easily explore the falls and its neighboring areas. I find the microlight tour more invigorating than the helicopter; however both provide excellent panoramas of the falls.

Now, talking about the other interesting way of exploring Victoria Falls us is walking along the foot path. There is a foot bridge trail that is built beside the mammoth falls. You can use this unique trail to see the striking falls at your eye level. It is located hardly 200 feet away from the falls. Once you enter the park, you would be welcomed by the magnificence of the falls. While walking the path, you would hear the water pounding as well as eyewitness the vapor rising.

If you explore the falls from the Zimbabwean side, you would be greeted with different spectacular views of the falls. Photographers and visitors can see approximately 80 per cent of the Victoria Falls from the Zimbabwean side; as compared to 25 per cent to 30 per cent from the Zambian side.