Attractions in Taiwan

Welcome to the mountainous island of Taiwan! It is so-called because of its towering mountains in great numbers occupying more than 3,000 meters. Do you recall the Jade mountain, the Northeast Asia’s highest mountain? That famous mountain is precisely here standing proudly with the height as 4,000 m. Besides these mountains, the island is adorned with scenic shores, verdant forests, and magnificent cultural and historical sights. This indicates that the attractions in Taiwan are diverse. And above all, what you will most admire are its welcoming people. Further, cozy weather, suitable transportation, and advanced tourist amenities together put the island on the tourist map.

Known as the Treasure Island for its scenic natural sights and characteristic landscapes, the island is increasingly becoming a great famous destination for its rising mountains. Among all attractions in Taiwan, the Mt. Yushan that is the Jade Mountain is the most alluring one that draws lakhs of visitors annually. After visiting this highest peak in the northeastern Asia, the second most admired mountain is the Mt. Yangming that is adorned with many volcanic sights, natural valleys, waterfalls, hot springs, and a myriad of flower and plant varieties. In Taiwan, this is the largest and most wonderful natural zone and is commonly regarded as one of the four famous parks of the island.

If you are in Taiwan, you can leave the island without exploring the Ali Mountain and Sun Moon Lake. These two are the most remarkable picturesque areas that are no less than a dreamland. The Ali Mountain represents a generic identity of 18 hills that are very popular for five unusual attractive sites namely, the Sunrise, Forest Railway, Sacred Tree, Grand Sea of Clouds, and the Flamboyant Cheery Blossom. Wow! If the names are so catchy, imagine how these sites in reality will be? So, register their names and be easy to visit them on your vacation to Taiwan.

The so-called Sun Moon Lake obtained its name because of the semblance as a sun in the rhombus shape in the north and a semi-circle like shape in the south. Known as the Ri Yue Tan and situated between Mt Yushan and Ali Mountain, this is the largest natural lake on the island.

Taiwan coast

Taiwan coast

Now, I will tell you about the seashore sightseeing that is something worth undertaking and so is among the top attractions in Taiwan. Explore its western shore that slopes gently and offers several superb bathing beaches. The seashores for the visual joy are all the result of the eroding bays and capes by waves and wind and rock explosion by winds. So, you can see how nature makes ways for you to be free from all tensions and relax.

If you go to the northern end of the island, the North Coast & Guanyinshan National Scenic Area and Northeast National Scenic Area is where you will love to see all kinds of coastal landscapes. Drive further all the way down and you will first halt at the picturesque Eastern Coast National Scenic Area and East Rift Valley National Scenic Area followed by the Tapeng Bay National Scenic Area where sunshine and tropical vibes will allure you.

If you want to drive alongside the mountainous areas, the Maoling National Scenic Area is one of the most scenic attractions in Taiwan to explore where many aborigines reside along with the butterfly homes and Lukai stone-made houses. Also of interest is the beautiful Alishan National Scenic Area that is quite famous due to legendary facts. For the tourists, it is the best place to relax while watching sunrise and cloud sea. Other scenic attractions are the Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area, eagle-spotting at Bagua Mountain, and sacred Buddhist sanctuary, which also introduces the other looks of the island’s charm. With 64 islets, the Penghu National Scenic Area spreading around the Taiwan Strait is unique in the sense that it has a flat landscape different from the island. Here, you can have the most scenic view.



If you are a fan of whales and scuba diving, head to the Lanyu and Green Island situated in Pacific Ocean in the southeast. Some of the worth visiting national parks in Taiwan are the Shei-Pa National Park across Hsinchu & Maoli counties popular for special fish species- Oncorhynchus masou formosanus, Taroko National Park in Hualien county for its haughty canyon landscape, Yushan National Park for its bright sunshine across several counties in central area, and Kenting National Park in the southern end where you can feel the vibes of Southeast Asia.