Renting a condo in Dubai Expectations vs. Reality

If you are a fan of grand living, waking up to the decks on high rise buildings, then Dubai is the place for you. This busy business-friendly city is known for the skyscrapers in the heart of the city and the palm tree-dotted villas in the quieter areas in the outskirts. People with different tastes and styles of living would be able to find exactly what they need in this huge city. If you are a fan of the fast city life and you are looking for a residence place that is close to all the prime locations of the city then renting a condo might be a great choice. It is very easy to find Condos For Rent in Dubai and there are plenty of varieties in terms of the size of the condo and the facilities offered within the premises.

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Finding your ideal condo

Expectation – you might think that posting your requirements is all it takes for finding a suitable condo.

Reality – it is indeed a very realistic expectation. And you would see calls from real estate agents and landlords flooding after you post your listing. But understand that there is a constant demand for rental properties in Dubai. In such locations, it is always a good idea to shortlist and find a real estate agent yourself than letting an agent find you. This way you can check the credibility and approach an agent who can be trusted with your tenancy process.

The options to choose from

Expectation – you would be able to explore endless choices to take your pick when you need a condo on rent.

Reality – this is absolutely true when it comes to renting a home in Dubai. People from various other countries are known to buy properties in Dubai as an investment. These are the homes that are offered on rent and these are people who look for a stable tenant. So if you are looking to rent a condo for the long term then you are likely to find plenty of options. Also, there are several new projects that are nearing completion in Dubai. This is also expected to lead to a drop in the rents in Dubai in the coming months. This also means that by the end of the year you would also be able to find plenty of new options for renting a condo. There is also the option to find furnished and unfurnished homes suiting your requirements in a location of your choice.

Condos in Dubai are generally known to come with plenty of in-house amenities. These are covered in the maintenance fee that you would be paying. You are also likely to find a better parking space and even a bigger one when you rent a condo. So you would not have to worry about additional parking arrangements to make. And finally, most of the condos because of the single ownership they come with, are maintained well and so you would not have to worry about setting aside time for repairs.