Top 10 things to consider before renting a flat or apartment in Ciputra Hanoi

Whether you are striking out on your own for the very first time or just moving on, renting an apartment or flat is the best way to have a roof over your head. You may be looking for a long-term or a short-term lease and the apartment you choose to must meet your basic needs for safety and security. But beyond meeting these basic needs, how are you going to decide which apartment in Hanoi is the right one for you and your lifestyle?

There are plenty of newspapers, apartment finders and website listing such as for you to browse in your apartment search for Ciputra Hanoi. These nifty tools, however, don’t tell the entire story behind every available apartment. There is always more to learn, if you know what to look for. Here are the top 10 things for you to consider before renting an apartment in Ciputra Hanoi distric.


1. Location.

Neighbor hoods can be good or bad depending upon a wide variety of socio-economic factors. Before you choose your apartment in Ciputra Hanoi, have a look around the neighborhood and weigh whether the lifestyle and quality of life you are accustomed to suits you.

2. Parking.

Parking is placed near the top of the list of considerations because, unless you don’t own a car or a motorbike, you need easy and secure access to your vehicle. You don’t want to fight for a parking space every night after work, and you don’t want to find yourself in a dispute with your neighbors over the nearest parking spot. Check out the parking and make sure that your spot is going to meet your needs/

3. Size of the unit.

Don’t fall in love with an apartment because it is cute and has a handful of neat features. If it’s too small for all of your possessions, you’ll be looking for a larger apartment in Ciputra Hanoi before you know it. Besides, you won’t want to throw away everything you’ve collected just to make room for your bed and laptop. Write down every room’s dimensions and calculate the square footage available for you to live in. Compare the measurements to what you are currently living in and consider carefully if you’re moving into a cracker-box apartment or the lap of luxury.

4. Amenities.

Laundry rooms, swimming pools, spas and community rooms are all great features to look for in your apartment building. However, these niceties always come with a price tag, so be sure that you rent what you can afford.

5. Cleanliness.

If the apartment is freshly painted and clean it’s possible that the property manager is taking good care of the apartments. But don’t stop there. Look inside, behind and underneath the refrigerator, range and the toilet to get the real picture of how well the apartments are maintained. Watch for signs of insect or rodent infestation, especially in hidden and out-of-the-way locations.

6. Security.

Apartment security is important for your well-being and peace of mind. Check for automatically locking doors, fire doors that close automatically, burglar alarms and intrusion detectors and working fire alarms. Test the fire alarms by pressing the test switch yourself, or better yet have the landlord test the alarm. Check the alarms and any air louvers for cleanliness as well.

7. Affordability.

It should go without saying that you already know that you can afford to pay the rent. But have you prepared a budget that includes the cost of memberships or fees, utilities, parking, pet security deposits, and renter’s insurance? Is the landlord requiring you to pay for the use of amenities, such as laundry room washers and dryers that you will never use? Investigate these thoroughly with your landlord and make sure that there aren’t any hidden or unexpected expenses attached to your lease.

8. Incentives.

Be wary of apartments in Ciputra Hanoi that advertise move-in incentives. These are rental properties that are having trouble finding tenants. There may be many reasons for this, but the main reason is usually poor management and reputation. If you are considering taking advantage of move-in incentive offerings you might want to visit a few tenants and see first hand how well the apartments are being kept up and what sort of management problems they have encountered.

9. Cost of moving in.

Moving is going to cost more than just making the first month’s rent payment. Perhaps you will need to hire a moving service company. There are also utility deposits, deposits for telephone and cable TV service connections, plus the landlord’s security deposit that have to be made up front. Find out who the preferred utility companies are and how much they charge to connect the gas, water, or electricity. Make sure that you’ve got enough money to make the necessary connections and have enough left over to buy groceries as well.

10. The rental application form.

Your landlord is going to want you to provide a lot of personal information. A typical application form requires that you disclose your income, current landlord, employer, vehicle, bank account information, personal references and consent to conduct a background screen and credit check. And this is just the beginning. Landlords may also require a “character reference letter written by an impartial acquaintance or associate. Be prepared to have your credit history and background investigated before the landlord gives you the key to your apartment. It’s a good idea to take the rental application home with you in before deciding whether or not you want to rent.

These ten things to consider before renting an apartment in Ciputra Hanoi is the hard part. Once you have made your decision and have signed the rental agreement, you can get on with moving into you new digs and start to enjoy the lifestyle you deserve.