The Five Best Areas to Live in Abu Dhabi

The capital of the UAE, Abu Dhabi is most often overshadowed by its glitzy sibling city to the north – Dubai. But still, the capital is a favorite among UAE locals because of its family-friendly atmosphere, traditional culture, and delicious meals. Surrounding the Burj Khalifa, Dubai is tight and compact, but the Abu Dhabi is spread out and is home to a wide variety of colorful neighborhoods.

Abu Dhabi is teeming with residential developments that also provide families with a lot of options when searching for an excellent area to reside. From developments in Mohammed Bin Zayed City, Al Khalidiya to islands such as Saadiyat Island and Al Reem Island, how do you decide which of these Abu Dhabi’s best areas you’ll like to live in? Well, this mini-guide brings you the top 5 best areas to live in and find a property for rent in Abu Dhabi to live in.

Saadiyat Island: This is one of the most luxurious places to live in Abu Dhabi with romantic beachfront, big villa complexes, and five-star hotels. If you have the money for the residences, Saadiyat Island is one of the coolest places to live in Abu Dhabi.

saadiyat island abu dhabi

Mohammed Bin Zayed City: This is one of the best residential places in Abu Dhabi especially for families. It features wonderful villas equipped with the best amenities and facilities. Living here means you get to enjoy a peaceful and serene environment distanced from the noise and bustle of the urban neighborhood. More so, the city’s villas are known to be very affordable and close to excellent schools including The Cambridge High School.

Mohammed Bin Zayed City

Khalifa City: Khalifa City is also a very serene environment. Divided into two main districts – Khalifa City A and Khalifa City B which have been renamed into Khalifa City and Shakhbout City in that order. They are both spacious areas that singles, young couples, small and large families will enjoy residing in. There are some of the best nurseries and schools as well as several local grocery stores in this area. There are also salons, supermarkets, and other stores all located in the “Pink shops” area. There is easy access to transport and some of the best facilities, making the Shakhbout City and Khalifa City one of the best places to live in Abu Dhabi.

Khalifa City Abu Dhabi

Al Markaziyah and Al Zahiyah: Also known as the Tourist Club Area, these locations are just alongside the Corniche, and they are one of the most popular residential areas for those who want to reside and bask in a lively and boisterous environment. This area is a hub for tourists because of its endless array of shopping malls, restaurants, colorful nightlife scenery, and wide boulevards.

The Corniche: This is one of the most beautiful areas to stay in Abu Dhabi as it’s located right beside the dazzling and sparkling Abu Dhabi’s main beach. Lined with a clean boulevard and white sand on one side and turquoise water on the other, the Corniche has a limitless abundance of cafes, food stalls, lounging areas that make it seem like a small paradise.

the corniche abu dhabi

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