The Ganges and the Varanasi

India is country which has many sacred lands and such that people from far and wide come to pay homage to these lands. And the Ganges and Varanasi is very holy. Ganges is the holy river which flows through the holy city of Varanasi. Taking a dip in river of Ganga it is believed that people will be able to wash off their sin of past. Also it is known to clean man’s soul. Ganges river is believed to keep the land of India holy and sacred. Varanasi is known to be the holiest city, famous for ghats. These ghats are riverbank staircase made up of stones which leads direct into the water. Such that a person can easily stand on the staircase and take holy dip in the sacred and holy water of the Ganges.

Varanasi was formerly known as the Banaras. There is approximate of some 100 stairways on the river bank.

The ritual bathing is done Ritual bathingto clean once soul, while praying and facing towards the sun god. Take dip in water three times and also pray ask for forgiveness and do penance. This is basically believed as per the Hindu customs and traditions. One of the best place to go for this sacred bath as well have whole ambience of devotion and pilgrimage is Dasaswamedh. This place is favorite with pilgrimage people as well as people living in the city because of the place has many old temples, as well as beautiful pavilions and very beautiful palaces.

Ganges river in Varanasi

Other interesting thing about Varanasi is that Varanasi is also very auspicious as the cremation place. As per the Hindu rituals people who are cremated in the city of Varanasi get to go directly into Swarg- that is Heaven. They are able to bypass the process of reincarnation. In Hindu system of cremation dead are first burned and thereafter their ashes are scattered in the river. So getting cremated and then their ash being scattered in Ganges is accounted as the most scared thing to do for their dead so that they get to have heaven as they die therefore Varanasi is one of the most sacred places in India.

When at crack of dawn you hear the chanting and people in cold water tale dips, the whole place is mystical and magical because of the golden and reddish hues of the sun which is low and glowing. This is best time to see Varanasi as the wonder of the world. The beauty and feeling of the Almighty altogether in the sacred, holy and beautiful place of Varanasi and the Ganges, truly a wonderful wonder on earth.