Mexico All-Inclusive Vacation

If you want to go on a Mexico vacation and get more bang for your buck, then Mexico vacation rentals are the way to go. Rental homes are increasingly becoming popular these days, whether among families looking for extra space or among independent travelers. For families, Mexico vacation rentals present a way for them to enjoy all that the country has to offer while at the same time get more space than they would get from a hotel room price. For independent travelers, Mexico vacation rentals give them that feeling of being a local or simply being in the midst of things.

Whichever your reasons, Mexico vacation rentals can be a great choice, especially when it comes to budget issues. Sure, you will probably give up a few things along the way. Okay, make it a lot of things, like maid service, concierge service, room service, in house restaurants, poolside bar, beach chairs and towels, flexibility in check in dates. But these things you can live without, unless you’ve spent your entire life spoiled rotten by hotel rooms and services. And in return for giving up these things, here’s what you gain: space, money in your pocket and certain perks that come only when you rent from an owner, such as golf and tennis privileges.

Getting Started

First thing’s first; decide on which Mexico destination you want to visit. Mexico has lots of options – ancient ruins, gorgeous white sand beaches, desert landscapes, hot springs, mountain trekking, scuba, and more. After making your decision, then time for you to search for Mexico vacation rentals in that particular destination.

You can do your preliminary research on the Internet. Sites like offers great Mexico vacation rentals and information about the many different destinations they have. You can also try contacting the local Chamber of Commerce and ask for a listing of local realtors who handle Mexico vacation rentals. The latter method might come in handy since there are also many lovely properties that are only listed exclusively with an agent.

Whatever you do, it is important that you do your research early. You’ll be surprised by the number of people who start planning their summer vacations as soon as the holidays are over. While you don’t have to do this, it may help since many people who opt for Mexico vacation rentals are loyalists, meaning they rent the same house for the same block of time every year. If you start early, you have a better chance of choosing a place of your preference and get early booking discounts, to boot.

Know What You Want

The next important consideration when choosing Mexico vacation rentals is you. No matter how great a property it is, if it’s not what you want, then chances are you’re not going to have a lot of fun staying there. Keep the following questions handy when you start shopping for Mexican vacation rentals:

Do they allow pets?

Is the place conducive to small children or an old family member who isn’t very mobile?

How far is it from the beach or other sources of entertainment?

You can perhaps add a few more things in there. Anyway, those questions are just basic stuff. So after making sure that the Mexico vacation rentals of your choice have exactly what you want and need, then you are finally ready to make that all important choice.