European Vacations Tailor made for you

Europe is panoramically beautiful. The continent has so much beauty in its cities, its rustic medieval style villages, in its fjords, its mountains, its forests, its lakes, its beaches and almost every aspect. The cultural diversity here, along with the geographical and linguistic diversities, makes up a continent that just brims over in vivacity. This may be the reason why European vacations are so in demand with travelers all over the world. There are a good number of diverse destinations here that will give you an experience that is incomparable in terms of fun, excitement and sheer intrigue.

Europe has also had a history that can best be described as illustrious. The continent had a plethora of things that happened here that shaped the world in the coming years. Europe was the birth place of the Industrial Revolution, and the Renaissance. Modern industries have their origins in Europe. In addition to this, Europe was home to some of the most notable artists, sculptors, musicians, writers, scientists and men who were responsible in some part for what humanity’s culture is now. The cities of Europe are home to some of the most wonderful specimens of architecture. European vacations take you through all these, and more.

Agios Nikolaos, Crete, Greece

Agios Nikolaos, Crete, Greece

Countries such as France, Italy, England, Portugal, Spain, Wales, Scotland, Ireland  Germany, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Greece all have their own charms, all of them unique in themselves, not to forget the Nordic countries such as Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway have their own set of attractions that are unique from country to country. Turkey is another rewarding destination. Not to forget the countries in the eastern bloc, the Baltic countries such as Lithuania, Estonia and Croatia are being increasingly visited in the recent years. These locations are more affordable, and have historic attractions that have been preserved to a fine degree. This is actually very incomplete as a list.

European vacations should also include a tour into tiny countries such as Lichtenstein, Belarus, Latvia which are famous for being typically fairy tale in their being. The Alps with Mount Blanc, the sun drenched peaks of the Alps look heavenly, especially when set off against the blue sky. There are a god number of natural attractions, such as the Blue Lagoon. For beach lovers, there is a multitude of beaches all over Europe. The islands such as those in the Aegean Sea and the Ionian Sea are also refreshing destinations.