Florence Gastronomy

Florentine cuisine remains the guardian of a great tradition consisting of simple dishes, often prepared with humble, genuine ingredients like bread, oil and vegetables. However, it does not lack in elaborate and imaginative recipes, like the meats prepared in dolceforte, reminiscent of the splendor and eccentricity of the renaissance courts when the aim was more to amaze the guests than to satisfy the palate.

Some of these dishes have become famous all over the world, like the Florentine steak. Others have vanished from the tables even in the city, probably due to requiring exceedingly long preparation times or calling for ingredients that are increasingly hard to find. On these pages we have presented some of the most well known and characteristic dishes of Florentine cooking, accompanied by a short list of selected wines from the surrounding area and a calendar of the main oenogastronomic events around about Florence.

Just to introduce a little of Florence to your table, to help you choose when you find yourselves in front of a menu in a Florentine trattoria, and to guide you in your search for village festivals and antique flavors