Galleria dello Spedale degli Innocenti

This founding hospital is a symbol of the city Humanistic’s conscience. Florence built this specially-equipped structure to provide a decent solution to the social drama of abandoned children. It was built by Brunelleschi in 1419 and opende in 1445 during the religious festivity of Sant’Agata.

In the portico there was a holy water font called “pila” where lost or abandoned children were placed until 1660 when it became the “buca” and in 1875 the openig was walled up with a tablet to remember children. It became “degl’innocenti” because it was near dei Santi Martiri Innocenti Church, the babies killed by Erode. At the end of 15th century it received 200 babies. Then the building was too small and ita was enlarged. Carlo Michelangiolo sold his works of art to obtain funds. In 1966 after the flood it was restored by Guido Morozzi. He maintained the original form.

In 1971 was opened the Museum: an open gallery with nine arcade. In the pendentives between the arches are eight glazed terracotta by Andrea della Robbia.

We first enter in a great square then we find a great hall where is located the collection. Other works of interest are the “Coronatin of the Virgin” by Maestro della Madonna Strauss, a “Madonna and Child” by Sandro Botticelli and Ghirlandaio’s masterpiece’s “Adoration of the magi” and works by Bartolomeo di Giovanni, Lorenzo Lippi, Giuseppe Ribera, Pocetti, Marco della Robbia and Francesco Morandini. There is a great paintings by Rosselli, a big plastic model of the hospital.

The gallery also has a collection of detached frescoes that were taken from varoius Florentine building. They can only seen on request.