Museo Fiorentino di Preistoria “Paolo Graziosi”

This Museum was founded in 1946 by Gaetano Pieraccini and Paolo Graziosi to contain the prehistoric collection present in Florence. It is located in Palazzo delle Oblate and till 1975 it was opened only for specialists and scientists.

The activity of restoration and study of aechaeological objects, from Stone Age to historical Age, are very important for the Museum. The items are arranged on two floors according to chronological and geographic criterion, beginning with the Florence region.

The collection can be divided in italian and extra-italian collection. In the Italian one you can admire a collection from Palaeolithic to Neolithic till Bronze Age: ceramics, jeweller etc. There are 155.000 objects in good condition.

In the extra-italina one you can find objects from Asia, America, Africa going back to Palaeplithic and Neolithic. They are 171.000: ceramics, animals and somephotos. The Museum has two floor on 700 mq.