San Marco

The order of Silvestrini built this Church at the end of 13th century and then became property of Dominican. Silvestrini had to left the convet because they were accused of being disrespectful of rules. Vasari defined it “the most beautiful convent in Italy”. Two men made the history of San Marco: Giovanni Angelico a monk and an artist, which works are collected in San Marco museum, and Savonarola, which from the pulpit of the Church accused the immorality of the city. The Church, the dome and Sant’Antonio Chapel were planned by Giambologna.

It is in San Marco that Cosimo created the first pubblic library to conserve ancient books. San Marco contains two famous tombs: Poliziano and Pico della Mirandola.che si può considerare la prima biblioteca pubblica, concepita sia come luogo di conservazione, che come luogo per la trasmissione dei testi antichi.