Santo Spirito

It was begun in 1454 by Brunelleschi but after 15 years it was completed destryed by a fire and restoredin 1481. The façade has brown plaster (colour Terra di Siena), the cupola is by Brunelleschi and the steeple by Baccio d’Agnolo. Under the steeple it is an inscription in marble that remember that the Church was built under the power of Cosimo I.

The interior has Latin crosss with three aisles, 38 Chapels with the names of Florentine family. On the left aisle there are Nerli and Biliotto Chapels with paintings by Filippo Lippi and Sandro Botticelli. It is a marble choir with octagonal plan and twp cloister: one decorated with lunette by Paolo Perugino, the other one is located in Cappela Corsini where there are monumental tomb in Gothic and Baroque style.