Things to do in Graz, Austria

Graz is the 2nd biggest city in Austria. The city is home to about 290 000 inhabitants. The city is incomparably placed at the banks of the Muir River surrounded by the thick forest region of Styria. Graz is known as a university city, and true enough, Graz has not one, not two, but six universities, all of them located close to each other and serving more than 44 000 students.The Old Town of Graz is an incredibly rewarding location, where the real attractions lie. It has been declared as a heritage site by the UNESCO recently.


The site has innumerable examples of medieval architecture. The site has buildings from a number of historic periods as well architecture styles. The building styles range from contemporary styles, to Gothic and other.

Graz is home to a number of historical structures. The incredible significance of the history of the city is testified by these historical structures. The Burg is one of these, a castle complex that is home to a double staircase from the 15th century that was had built by Emperor Frederick III.

The Gothic Dom Cathedral is located at the Old Town Graz. There is also the Museum of Art, which is well stocked with art works from a number of styles and periods. The Schlo├čberg or the Castle Mountain has the castle at the to of the castle, this is at the center of the city.