Top Destinations for Kids in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is such a unique and complete city that any tourist can find something to fall in love with. Between its rich, old-fashioned architecture, breathtaking canals, fascinating history, important art scene, incredible nightlife, and world-famous tolerance, you can feel in your element no matter what your interests are.

Contrary to the conception that it is mostly an attraction for adults, the city comes with numerous possibilities for kids to have fun. Before looking into some of the best destinations for the purpose, let’s first answer a common question that we often see from those that have Amsterdam on their visiting list.


What is the best way of reaching my place of accommodation once I reach the airport?

While the public transport covers all important areas of Amsterdam, we can only recommend that you use it during your stay and not for your first trip. Coming off your flight, you are likely to be worn out and having to carry your luggage will not help you one bit. Finding the right routes in a place that you are not familiar with can be quite stressful in this situation, not to mention that it will not be particularly fast or comfortable.

The best choice here would be to use an Amsterdam airport transfer. This will allow you to rest during your trip, as professionals will take care of all relevant aspects for you. Having the stress eliminated, you will be left with more time and energy for the most attractive part of your travels – exploration. Once you are ready for it, here are some excellent destinations to take your kids to.


  1. Amsterdam’s canals on a pizza cruise

Amsterdam’s canals are a thing of beauty and certainly one of the main highlights of the city. There is no better way for you and your kids to experience them than through a relaxed cruise that provides incredible views of various important landmarks of the city.

Not only that, but the excellent dishes, starting from appetizers like bread and olives, moving to the main attraction in the form of a tasty pizza and finishing with an ice cream are sure to keep everyone delighted. Unlimited drinks (with soft drinks available for the young ones) come  to quench your thirst during and after this memorable meal.

Amsterdam’s canals on a pizza cruise

  1. Vondelpark

As one of the most important parks in the city, it comes with attractions that adults and children alike will have no trouble appreciating. Cafés with terraces, playgrounds, a paddling pool and even a cafe where children can cook small dishes come to satisfy entire families. Needless to say, the place is full of amazing greenery to fall in love with.


  1. Artis

For what it may lack in size, this zoo more than makes up in style. As one of the oldest zoo in Europe, it has been modernized to provide excellent conditions, while still preserving the elegant old look of its outstanding gardens and some of the architectures. The place also comes with excellent playgrounds, as well as a restaurant, making sure that you and your children are in for a memorable experience.

Artis Zoo