Top Three Weird Traditions in Crete

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The Cretans have their local cultural traits, such as music or poetry, very well preserved, but what about their weirdest traditions?  Let’s check the top three weirdest traditions out!


  1. Not a good idea to eat and wait alone at a tavern

Why? Simply because you might wait a long time for the waiter to show up and take your order, for the simple fact that in Crete, and basically in Greece, it is very weird for someone to eat alone. The waiter will most likely be under the impression that you are waiting for someone, and it is very impolite to ask for the order for before all the guests have arrived.

  1. The phrase “Piase Kokkino”

While in Crete, you might often hear two people using the phrase “Piasse Kokkino” and of course that you will wonder what in the world could that mean. Luckily for you, we’ve got you covered. When two people say the same thing at the same time, they immediately use this phrase, which means “touch red”, and afterwards, they will have to touch any red item that comes in their way. The belief is that if two people say the same thing at the same time, those people will get into a fight or an argument unless they touch something red.

  1. Spitting

As weird as it might sound at the beginning, spitting has an important meaning in the local traditions. More precisely, it is believed that spitting chases the devil and the misfortune away, and there are basically two situations in which Cretans do this. The first one is when someone talks bad news, such as death or accident. When this happens, the others who hear it, spit three times and say ftou, ftou, ftou. The other one is when someone compliments a baby or even an adult for his or her beauty. The person who brings the compliment has to spit three times on the person that has been complimented to avoid giving him or her the bad eye, or mati in Greek.