Vacation in Kefalonia, Greece

The Greek island of Kefalonia, (sometimes known as Cephalonia) is an increasingly popular destination due largely to its association with the book by Louis de Bernieres: Captain Corelli’s Mandolin. The film adaptation of the book which includes breathtaking shots of some of the island’s finest beaches has also given tourists the inspiration to visit the island.

The resorts on Kefalonia are never more than an hour or so journey from the airport so it is not long before the visitor will be cooling off in the hotel pool. Accommodation on the island consists of an assortment of picturesque fishing villages such as Katelios in the south. There are none of the sprawling resorts that are found on busier Greek Islands such as Mykonos, Rhodes and Corfu. There is still plenty to see and do but it is generally accepted that Kefalonia is not a destination for nightlife.


The surrounding mountainous backdrop provides a near enough idyllic place for a holiday. Typical Greek villas and tavernas nestle at the foothills of Mount Aenos and are scattered along the quiet coastline. The mountain is the third largest in Greece and commands excellent views down to the sea and across to the neighbouring Island of Zante (otherwise known as Zacynthos) which is easily visible from the south of the island on a clear day.

Once settled into their chosen accommodation, the visitor to Kefalonia can easily find some friendly local shop to purchase a wide variety of goods, whether it is a self catering holiday or not. Villas here are generally of a high standard, pleasantly decorated throughout with typical Greek pictures and ornaments and often have the luxury of a pool or sea view. This type of holiday is not often as expensive as one might think if the rental cost is shared with a group of friends or relatives.


After spending a few days relaxing round the pool and taking evening strolls or ‘Voltas’ as the Greeks call them, the visitor to Kefalonia is usually ready to tour the rest of the island. Hiring a cool car like a new model of 2018 Audi A3 Sportback is just about the best way to do this as coach tours are not widely available especially to visit the more inaccessible places of interest.