Venice City Center

We start the Venice city center walk on Piazza San Marco. Cross piazza San Marco through the elegant alley of Salizzada di San Moise to the church of St. Moses – Chiesa di San Moise, this was built in Baroque style by Sardi in 1683.v

A bridge leads from here to Via XXII Marzo. About halfway down the street, turn right on Calle della Veste to Campo San Fantin, and from there to the famous opera hall, Teatro La Fenice that was built by Antonio Selva in 1790. The building is much smaller than Milan’s La Scala, but it is one of Europe’s most beautiful and most famous theatres.

The adjacent church, Chiesa di San Fantin is very nice and worth a visit.

Leave San Fantin through Calle de Verona, turn right on Calle della Mandola towards Campo Manin. A narrow alley on your right will lead you to one of Venice’s architectural wonders – the Scala del Bovolo di Ca’Contarini – a spiral staircase four stories high, that climbs the exterior of the 15 century Contariny palace.

Venice view Return to Campo Manin and Calle della Mandola. Continue towards Campo Sant’angelo, a beautiful and special square surrounded by houses of the 16 and 17 centuries.

On the other side of Campo Sant’angelo go to Campo Santo Stefano, also known as Campo Francesco Morosini, after the Venetian leader whose statue stands in the square.

Cross Campo Santo Stefano towards the Canal Grande and the Academia Bridge. The small church on your right is Chiesa di San Vidal. Right before it you will notice a narrow way behind some houses, on the way to Campo San Samuele and Palazzo Grassi – one of the most important art centers in Venice.