Things to do in South America

Yes, South America is the destination and you are there enjoying the ambience and inhaling the fragrance of the lovely land. You have waited for this vacation for so long and you always wanted to be a part of fun and excitement  But wont you want to know what things to do in South America and what you should enjoy the most?

Well, do visit the old prison and Maritime museum in Ushuaia. Here you can see the lovely prisoners’ cells and also hear about all that you had always read about prisons here. Don’t miss the inner circle of the prison and also see the locomovil too. The Maritime museum is a place of lot of interest value here .

The next that you shouldn’t miss is going to Santiago de Chile. This is one of the things to do while on a South American vacation. Go inside this museum and see how the Museo Colonial San Franciscco has been built. This was built in the inner portion of a monastery built in the Franciscan style. This lies adjacent to the Eglesia San Francisco and the sight is a great experience.


The entire museum into many rooms and enters them and there is a different entry to these rooms from the garden. Photographs are not allowed here so store it well in your memories.

The beauty of Cape Horn is a great getaway spot here. This large island is a lot like Gibraltar and the fact that this place is witness to heavy storms from the Atlantic nearby makes this place susceptible to vagaries of weather. This is on one side while the northern side has no wind at all. This is where the Albatross monument is there and you can see the Chile flag here . The majestic lighthouse is also a great spectacle in this part of the island.

Then you have the lovely Beagle channel which is a great waterway in the Tierra Del Fuego. Named so after a ship by the same name, this place has many islands here. Here you can see sea wolfs, seabirds, penguins and many other animals.

The Tierra del Fuego National Park is a great natural reserve which lies around 10 km from the city of Ushuaia. Here there are around 70,000 beavers and it has become a major problem here.

Then there is the Eclaireurs island which was built around the 20 the century. It is said that it was built when a ship sank here some time then. Today the lighthouse here is a major tourist attraction and is known as the lighthouse at the end of the world.

One of the major things to do in South America is to not miss Ushuaia. This is where you would find world in its full glow. This is supposed to be the southernmost tip of earth and the port of Ushuaia is a place where most cruises to Antarctica start. A great place, and a must see spot for any tourist. Do not miss it.