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Things to do in Graz, Austria

Graz is the 2nd biggest city in Austria. The city is home to about 290 000 inhabitants. The city is incomparably placed at the banks of the Muir River surrounded by the thick forest region of Styria. Graz is known as a university city, and true enough, Graz has not one, not two, but six universities, all of them located close to each other and serving more than 44 000 students.The Old Town of Graz is an incredibly rewarding location, where the real attractions lie. It has been declared as a heritage site by the UNESCO recently. (more…)

Vienna from A to Z (complete guide)

Being recognized as one of Europe’s greatest capitals, Vienna was known to be the home of Habsburg rulers – or more like, their stomping grounds. However, the Austro-Hungarian Empire is long gone, the only evidence remaining the carefully preserved traditions of the Viennese people. From world-known landmarks to galleries that pick at your artistic bone, Vienna was the home of many geniuses such as Mozart, Beethoven, Strauss, and Schubert. (more…)

Top Travel Destinations For All Tastes

Many men many minds, so the countries that one person treats like top travel destinations can turn to be a bore for another. Below is the list of top travel destinations 2016 for all tastes. (more…)

European Vacations Tailor made for you

Europe is panoramically beautiful. The continent has so much beauty in its cities, its rustic medieval style villages, in its fjords, its mountains, its forests, its lakes, its beaches and almost every aspect. The cultural diversity here, along with the geographical and linguistic diversities, makes up a continent that just brims over in vivacity. This may be the reason why European vacations are so in demand with travelers all over the world. There are a good number of diverse destinations here that will give you an experience that is incomparable in terms of fun, excitement and sheer intrigue. (more…)