Top 10 reasons to stay at a serviced apartment instead of a hotel

A serviced apartment is the use of a fully furnished property where the owner allows you to rent the accommodation for a predetermined timescale, i.e one or two weeks plus, for your vacation. For comfort, cost and convenience, furnished apartments for rent in Serviced Apartments company is often better than staying in a hotel. Whether you are a large family or a small group of friends the benefits of staying in a condominium or vacation home are tremendous.

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The top ten reasons to stay at a serviced apartment instead of a hotel.

1. Location:
A wide choice of accommodation to suit all needs and requirements, from a rustic hideaway in the mountains to a beach side apartment.
You can find your own secluded getaway or search for a house in the midst of city life.

2. Size of accommodation:
Serviced apartments provide you with much more space in terms of living area. Average homes range from 2,3,4 or even more bedrooms, even with en-suite bathrooms.

3. Privacy:
For the duration of the vacation you are in your own place, away from the combined noises and bustle of hotel accommodation.

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4. Price:
We all need to consider value for money on vacation and a rental home is a cost effective method of staying in one place for a period of time, particularly for larger groups. There is a rental available to suit all budgets from modest to luxurious.

5. Food and beverages:
With your own kitchen facilities you can prepare your meals according to your own routine and timescale. It provides a choice of whether to eat together at home or to visit a restaurant.

6. Home-from-home:
The opportunity and freedom to be yourselves in a fully equipped home that has all the commodities for your everyday needs.

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Serviced apartments offer a wider range of amenities, from fully fitted kitchens, private pools or hot tubs to your own roaring fire.

Your own laundry facilities for when you need it. The majority of rentals provide both washers and dryers.

9. Outside space:
Most serviced apartments come with its own private outside area. Depending on your location you can have anything ranging from a balcony to a large lawned garden.

furnished apartment

10. You also have your own private parking facilities right outside you accommodation.
Every person has different holiday needs and seeks different qualities. But a serviced apartment provides the opportunity to fulfill your ideals.