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Il Battistero

The Baptistery of St. John has an octagonal plan, covered with white and green marble. It was built aroun 4th-5th century in Roman epoch. Untill 1130 the Bapistery was the Basilica of St. John, then the Cathedral became Santa Reparata. In the Batipstery were baptized Dante and other important Florentine. (more…)

Santa Maria del Fiore (Duomo)

The old Church called Santa Reparata had three aisles, three apses and a crypt, it was found in 1966 during excavation. At the end of 13th century it was replaced by a new greates Church. Every citizen helped to the building. The architect was Arnolfo di Cambio that planned Palazzo della Signoria. Then Giotto and Francesco Talenti. It was completed after 160 years. The steeple in 85 m high, it was built by Giotto; it is considere the most beautiful of Italy, it is faced wiyh colored marble; pink, green and white. (more…)

Santa Maria Novella

The Church was known as Santa Maria delle Vigne. When the Dominican monks came to Florence in 1221 they began to convent the original structure into the present Church of Santa Maria Novella. The station is near the Church a takes its name. Today this Church is one of the best know and most interesting Churches in Florence. The façade was planned by Leon Battista Alberti in 1470 and financed by Rucellai family. The big sundial is located over the façade for desire of Cosimo I. Michelangelo loved this Church and called it “my girlfriend”. (more…)


The Church of San Michele in Orto, better known as Orsanmichele, was originally a loggia built in 1290 by Arnolfo di Cambio, in which the grain market was held; following the great fire of 1304 the structure was rebuilt by Taddeo Gaddi in 1337 on the project of Giotto. (more…)

Certosa monastery

The Monastery lies outside Porta Romana just beyond the suburb of Galluzzo. It is a building by Niccolò Acciaiuoli very big and solemn. It was founded in 1342 and its named shoul be San Lorenzo to remember Acciaiuoli’s son. (more…)

Madonna De’ Ricci

This is a little Church located in Via del Corso, it is famous because is the place where the Mass of Artists is celebrated, a celebration of Florentine tradition. It is known as Madonna de’ Ricci even if its name is Santa Maria de’ Ricci. (more…)

Badia Fiorentina

Not so far from Piazza Signoria stands Badia Fiorentina. It was built in 980 and called “Santa Maria Assunta nel Cielo”. It is a building in romanic style with one central aisle. This bulding underwent a first renovation in 1285; this renovation was financed by Earl Ugo and overseen by Arnolfo di Cambio, the author of every constraction from Piazza del Duomo to Piazza della Signoria. The hexagonal bell tower it is one of the defining elements of the Florentine “skyline”. The entrance is in Via Dante Alighieri but before it was in Via del Proconsolo. The entrance runs to a copy of the original splendid late-15th-c. portal by Benedetto da Rovezzano and over the main door it is a “Madonna col Bambino.” (more…)

Pizzerias in Florence

Affè di Bacco
Via Rusciano, 16r
Tel: 055 6810109

Al Vecchio Carlino
Viale Fratelli Rosselli, 15r
Tel: 055 353678

Viale Don Minzoni, 3r
Tel: 055 578291

Anastasia Club
Via Mosciano, 5
Tel: 055 740601

Antico Fattore
Via Lambertesca, 1-3r
Tel: 055 288975

Antico Pitti
Piazza Pitti, 23-24r
Tel: 055 280889

Via Il Prato, 96r
Tel: 055 287663

Borgo San Jacopo, 57r
Tel: 055 212427

Via Alderotti, 87
Tel: 055 4360470

Ciao Bella
Piazza Tiratoio, 1r
Tel: 055 218477

Da Tito
Via Baracca, 149r
Tel: 055 416726

Danny Rock
Via de’ Pandolfini, 13r
Tel: 055 2340307

Piazza Nazario Sauro, 12r
Tel: 055 293215 / 219219

Via Rondinella, 95r
Tel: 055 604565

David 2
Via Aretina, 193r
Tel: 055 652714

Edi House
Piazza Savonarola, 8
Tel: 055 388886

Via B.Dei, 122
Tel: 055 411937

Grotta Azzurra
Via Arcipressi, 2r
Tel: 055 700151

Canto de’ Nelli, 38r
Tel: 055 218922

I Quattro Mori
Viale G.B. Morgagni, 6-8r
Tel: 055 4360816

I Tarocchi
Via Renai, 12r
Tel: 055 2343912

I’ Canneto di Notte Birbona
Piazza Acciaiuoli, 9r
Tel: 055 2320100

Il David
Piazza Signoria, 2r
Tel: 055 215372

Il Pizzaiuolo
Via de’ Macci, 13r
Tel: 055 24171

Il Terzo Cerchio
Via Casella, 67
Tel: 055 783330

Il Veggio
Via Vespucci, 21
Tel: 055 373300

Via Senese, 17
Tel: 055 225877

La Bussola
Via Porta Rossa, 58r
Tel: 055 293376

La Capponcina
Via san Romano, 17r
Tel: 055 697037

La Dantesca – Il Paradiso della Pizza
Via Panzani, 57r
Tel/Fax: 055 212287

La Greppia
Lungarno Ferrucci, 4-8
Tel: 055 6812341

La Grotta di Leo
Via Scala, 41-43r
Tel: 055 219265

La Lanterna Blu
Via Corridoni, 19r
Tel: 055 4220560

La Nuova Campana
Borgo San Lorenzo, 24r
Tel: 055 211326

La Rotonda
Via Il Prato, 10/16
Tel: 055 2654644

La Tortuga
Via Ponte alle Mosse, 195
Tel: 055 362598

Le Botteghe di Donatello
Piazza Duomo, 28r
Tel: 055 216678

Le Clochard
Viale Righi, 3c-d
Tel: 055 606240

Le Colonnine
Via Benci, 6r
Tel: 055 2346417

Le Follie
Lungarno Tempio, 52
Tel: 055 2343693

Le Stagioni
Via Capo di Mondo, 10r
Tel: 055 678300

Via Baracca, 120
Tel: 055 4221333

Osteria del Mercato
Piazza Ghiberti, 87r
Tel: 055 2347584

Osteria Pizzeria I’ Giuggiolo
Viale Righi, 3 A/D
Tel: 055 606240

Via Ponte alle Mosse, 24-26r
Tel: 055 353673

Pit Stop Pizza
Via Corridoni, 30r
Tel: 055 4221437

Pizzeria Firenze Nova
Via Benedetto Dei, 122
Tel: 055 411937

Pizzeria Il Panda
Via Pratese, 64
Tel: 055 317654

Viale Strozzi, 16r
Tel: 055 472241

Rocco e Antonio
Piazza Ravenna, 10
Tel: 055 685802

Rugby Pub
Viale P.Paoli, 21
Tel: 055 576469

Santa Lucia
Via Ponte alle Mosse, 102r
Tel: 055 353255

Uva Fragola
Piazza Santa Maria Novella, 9-10r
Tel: 055 215387

Yellow bar
Via Proconsolo, 39r
Tel: 055 211766